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I am Richard from south africa I am 19yer I Study In south africa dont live with my Family I live with someone here and I am looking for a Mature man who is serious about life, and doesn't want to spend it alone. I think I am ready for that Special Relationship! I am very responsible, decent, Real, and am not into playing games that most individuals are accustomed to dealing with in respect to relationships, etc. My life is very simple and sweet,I have no drama,I try to live happily and enjoy life on daily basis. Favorite Movie: Terminator 2 Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings Favorite Food: - en, Beans, and Rice. Favorite Music: R&B, Soul, and Hip Hop. Dress Style: Clean, and Casual. Humor: Very Funny, open, I like to laugh, and have fun when necessary. Hobbies & Interests:Games, Movies, The Bible, Church, Reading, Writing and Music. Cultural Adaption: Pretty much so. I am Ok. I am open minded so embracing my partners culture would be easy. I think that's why I am generally happy where ever I live. I embrace but never forget mine.A man that is serious, and who wants to Meet and see certainly build a relationship if & when there is a mutual Attraction and the 2 of us take it from there. Hopefully me and you can take more time, and try to take things from there, as we get to know each other one step at a time.I want to build a real strong Friendship with my man to the point that he did will not need to have another like me. Romance: nice Candle Light Dinner, or nice beautiful walk on a beach or island. A nice romantic Movie Cuddling together. AND Maybe watching the Sunset in the evening together. Personality: I am Very Nice, Sincere, and honest to begin with.

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I am looking for a Mature man who is serious about life, and doesn't want to spend it alone.

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