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I prefer older men. No real rhyme or reason for it, I just do. I'm
really all over the board. I don't fit well into any one type category
which has its advantages and disadvantages.
Typically, I tend to go for muscled/beefy older hairy guys, but I do
tend to go outside the box on this on occasion. My biggest turn offs
are drugs, that whole preppy thing, and alcoholics (don't mind a man
who drinks, but if it's consistently drunken stupors every night...).
At this point, I want a husband. Doesn't mean we're going to get
partnered or married right away, but I'm looking for someone with
that ultimate goal. At this time and for the foreseeable future,

As for my interests? Well, I play my video game a lot. Oh, and I love film, but
I lean more toward films that actually say something of merit rather than the
popcorn-y, bubble-gummy,monster-of-the-day film (unfortunately this type is almost extinct).
For my taste in film, feel free to check out my film critic's blog,
The Reel gay Jay, . I like camping/outdoor stuff. More of an explorer
than anything else,

No cigarette smokers, but cigar smokers skip to the front of the
line! Italian Daddies are my main weakness. Mostly attracted to
Caucasians and Middle Easterners. Please be over 35 and under 70.

I like average, muscular, athletic, or guys with a little extra.
I'd rather not bore you with anything more for now. I tend to ramble.
Want to know anything else? Ask away! I tend to be very blatant,
blunt, and honest. Oh yes, and ALWAYS PLAY SAFE

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