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Hi everyone, I am a busy man and don't really get online. Am a nice guy as well, am easy going with great personalities and a simple attitude. I am an independent person but would love to someday find the right person to share my life with. For now i just had to pick up my life again because of the past. I am looking for a partner to possibly develop a relationship with. I am a Christian and I put my faith in God above all other things. I am the type of man who always "ask" when in doubt. I belief, that provides solutions to many situations.

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My ideal match would be someone fun, caring and a romantic at heart. he would be an honest person that understands commitment and makes me feel that I am his guy. I wonder why everyone hates distance, but the one thing they left out is LOVE can come from any part of the world,and distance can never be forever
If I could masquerade as a chef and make my " Mr One in a Kazillion ala mode" LOL I would include some of the wonderful ingredients below, by the way I believe that we cannot ask of others what we are not willing to be ourselves. please feel free to text and wink, I would love to talk more. Speaking of numbers follow the numbers as i label, and send a text if you think you've figured out my numbers to text.

8. Honesty.
6. Communication.
5. His religion is practiced at the church of kindness.
3. Humbleness and compassion
3. he breathes respect for all, even the smallest of living things.
3. he brings intelligence and wisdom to the table, yet dishes them out modestly.
4. Happiness
9. He mixes Playfulness with goofiness to get the Sweetness of us.
9. Romance
3. Believe
A perfect evening for me is laughing and pondering the universe together over a great bottle of wine.

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