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exploring my gay side after year of suppressing my true feelings and playing the role that was expected of me
a role I no longer want to play
I have discovered they are not just urges, I am gay! I like being with men in and out of bed
I love finally being able to admit I am gay and I love the freedom to let go and be the person I was meant to be
the more I explore it the stronger my feelings for - , a relationship and attractions for men
when i am with a man I love giving my self to him letting him take control of me

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sub who loves to be usedbottomoral givermaybe - slave

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to explore it all! from tender love to wild group - and everything in between

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I have a lot of fantasies but they all end with - and him making me prove I will do what ever he asks

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not important

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easier to show you

If I were president or prime minister

I could never do what I want

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Juan c llerena