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go for what you want. I am a gamer and anime lover I like the outdoors (HATE BUGS)
Be yourself I'm supportive. Respectful. I'm VERSATILE. you can be a top or bottom it doesn't matter.
I am looking for a man to enjoy life with and have a HELL OF AN ADVENTURE with. I play ps4 if you do game. No there's no preferred console you play cause I came from Xbox so it doesn't matter to me.

I'm probably the guy your friends talk about is that nice guy that sits by himself and doesn't really hang around crowds too much. I'm a bundle of fun and it varies on the person I'm with if we c - I'll probably be more talkative but nervous as well. I'm told I'm funny all the way to adorable. I'm a huge gamer, I mainly focus and play RPG's I don't like metro games much or games that are too comical I like to focus on the aspect of reality or warfare and scifi is great too. Games from skyrim to dragon age I love and from battlefield to yes of duty ( not so much anymore with the new stuff but whatever the future holds I guess). Borderlands is cool too I could go on and talk about these things too. I love anime as well there's too many shows to list honestly cause I'm always in progress watching something. But anyways usually I'm a sweet guy I just don't want to have a one night stand or a friend with benefits or even a polygamous relationship I'm not into open relationships. I want someone to be mine and it scares a lot of dude but it's not like I'm asking for this all up front if it works it'll get there and if we are a match made in heaven then there shouldn't be anything to be afriad of. I'm out to everyone and I'm stil exploring myself and what makes me happy.

Books: anything fantasy scifi or adventure with action everyone likes Harry Potter series
Mortal instruments
Rangers apprentice

Movies: I'm a huge nerd but I don't go see movies often I don't like to go alone nor watch alone so I don't see many often but hero movies or even sometimes - f - s I like the best of both worlds "sometimes"

White - s
Bring it on
The dark knight rises
American pie
The weekend
Few other gay movies

Teen wolf, vampire diaries, Arrow, the flash, the 100, degrassi, awkward and that's just about all I can really think of for American/Canadian shows.

Tokyo ghoul
Full metal alchemist
Future diary
Naruto and naruto shippuden
Dragon ball z
Yu gi oh
Angel beats
To aru majutsu
Railgun S
Hunter x hunter
The asterisk war
35th platoon
The irregular student at Magic academy
Attack on Titan
Blast of tempest
The list goes on and on seriously

I mentioned music earlier and I love pop and post metal and alternative which to most seems like a odd mix but that's the only genre I listen to I hate country and rap. Not opposed to some others don't like hip hop either. R&B is okay.

Too close to touch
Sleeping with sirens
There for tomorrow
Nine lashes
All time low
Ariana grande
Big time rush
Breaking Benjamin
David archuleta
Hikaru utada
Linkin park
Memphis May Fire
Our last night
Papa roach (some)
we came as Romans (covers)

Food I love food everyone does right? So here's my favorite starting with #1 being the best:

Steak (any this is probably the fastest way to my heart, I love steak)

Macaroni (I'm a - er for those yellow noodles and cheesy goodness)

Pasta salad (I love Italian food and if this isn't made by an Italian most likely it's gonna need more dressing.)

Pizza (no it's number one but I sure as hell love it, no better Friday night friend than a fresh pizza)

Crab legs ( I love seafood and nice legs and these go so well together except sometimes they're hairy bleh)

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A guy looking for true love not going to run from his own feelings and is totally honest and upfront

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