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TRUCKER. - F***ER. What more do you need to know? (said with tongue firmly in cheek) Look beyond the gruff exterior, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you find... Wow, over 5,000 views and STILL no husband, WTF guys?!? Looking for the long haul, not just a layover, and no you don't have to be a trucker LOL!
community service, computers, cooking, dining, working out, movies, music, outdoor activities, p - ography, religion spirituality, travel
More about you: I don’t think of myself as anything other than an average Joe, a no-bullshit kinda guy who’s gonna tell it like it is. Not “straight acting” because I’m neither straight nor acting…I’m just ME. I prefer the terms “naturally masculine” and “non-scene”. Yes I'm gay but I don't feel the need to flaunt it, nor do I base my identity solely on my status, - ual position or career choice. I enjoy the very occasional adult beverage and cigar. More of a homebody but I do enjoy going out every now and then. Love to travel but haven't done as much as I would like. Not limited by geography, I've traveled and moved for love before. I work my - off for what I do have and truly appreciate the blessings in my life. Really don’t take kindly to braggarts and exhibitionists. So if all you want to talk about is the size of your (or my) - , biceps, pecs, bank account, world travels, - ual conquests or advanced degrees, please pass me by. I’d rather you get to know me for ME and not just those things – I’m more than just a set of stats and hope you are too. Some guys on here tapdance around what they want in bed, but let me be clear, I am 100% TOTAL TOP. If I've messaged you and that's not your style, please don't respond. I want a partner I can be completely happy with - ually, and vice versa. Fortunate to have both a city and country background, so I feel equally at home both out on the farm or in the heart of the big city...definitely more a jeans and boots kinda guy but I do clean up well. And just because I drive a truck for a living doesn't mean I'm an ignorant hillbilly - white collar career and college before choosing a job I truly enjoy (in spite of the huge pay cut). Done long haul but prefer local runs now, home every night in my (our?) own bed is much more appealing. Taking a little time off to explore new options for work and location.
More about who you're looking for: I know it's a cliche, but I just want someone to love me and take me as I am, in a closed relationship. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, many different men catch my eye...just as long as you're - ually passive (doesn't necessarily mean submissive). I've been in two relationships in 20 years, first one was emotionally rich but HIV-neg, the second one was emotionally crippled but poz. Why can't I find someone both emotionally rich AND poz? The only thing I have to offer someone right now is someone who's loving and needing someone to share it with. I am looking for the LAST love of my life. Just be real, be yourself, don't try to put on airs or impress me with the "Christmas Letter" profile (i.e. you picked up the Nobel peace prize after feeding the homeless, but before heading off to the villa in the south of France LOL!) and please restrict the baggage to the overhead bin (yes we all have some, myself included.) Please have a face pic in your profile...if I don't see any face pics should I - ume you're in witness protection? And if all I see is a pic of a - or - ...I'm likely to - ume you're just a big one of those. Be willing to take some initiative to make things happen - and realize that maybe the love you're looking for isn't going to be in the next town over. Have passport, will travel...and have burned through most of my frequent flyer miles lately looking for "the one"! You’re my kinda guy if you know why UN1202 is my favorite fragrance, why if “it ain’t a Cat it’s a dog”, and what Jake Brakes are (extra points if you know who INVENTED them), especially if you can answer those questions without Googling the answers. But please don't think that if you can't answer those questions that I'm not interested! One last thing…PLEASE don’t talk to me about your fantasies of doing it in a big rig – I respond to guys who are into ME and NOT just the job I do. Besides, would you want to have - with me where YOU work? Probably not!. Here's my email address ---. If you know that you don't have something reasonable to talk bout don't bother to text .

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