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Looking for a Man between 35 and 99 years

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i am very easy going as a person, chilled to the core. I enjoy life. I don't how ever do the green eyed monster, nor confrontation, as i feel these actions belong to the weak and needy of this world, which i am not. I love humor, its good to laugh, good for the soul. I don't have a set pattern for what i do in my spare time, i just go for, which can turn out to be very interesting lol. I enjoy meeting people and always feel at ease in company i don't know. I feel i am honest, with ability to say whats on my mind and I am looking initially for friendship hopefully leading to more down the road. My ideal partner would be someone confident with themselves happy with their life but feels they would like someone to share it with.But most of all i would like to meet someone honest and genuine who is not afraid to say what they think.

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Am looking for an honest , caring and loving kind hearted person to spend the rest of my life with .

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