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I am fred i am single and 28 years.
I am a quiet man. I am sincere loving, but make sure that I give my love to you and will support in every moment of life, I am loyal and will never leave you alone. I am very romantic, like to hug, praise, I am fun, caring. I want to walk with you lunch together, make food for you. Do everything with you, take care of your things with you. I do not like false and proud selfish people, I am simple work study support myself, I live alone. Love Peace'm very calm, not like fights. and what I like to help support give love. I want to look after you store your clothes go to romantic dinners to light the candle for you. When I see your picture I'm glad to have you by my side dream about our future together. When I see your p - o here on the net I'm sorry for the living at his side take care of you and feel that you need me like I need you feel you I love you need a true friend companionate love, is not a false man you already had it been passed you need a real man who loves you truly understands you supports you in sorrow joy will take care of you in old age and disease and not and is not interested in things will help you grow and this man simple good-hearted sincere I am Elvis is all you want. I am a male as you When you move in with me we'll both be great friends want to be your friend when you get home I hold you look how was your your day, your head on my place to make a cuddle in your head after you Toar bath I'll have a massage throughout your body to relax you and make lunch for you. I'll take care of you for life all love is this and happiness, my happiness you love and I need you need. Come and meet me stay a week here with me or come for me for me to marry you. Life passes in a hurry to watch the people do not notice it. Do not let the passing time, fear, delusions of garre life to me Elvis and we will be happy together think and answer me thank you with all my love love you embrace Elvis
Hello i am fred I just like you I'm a simple guy how is looking for that one special man to spend the rest of my life with I have tried to find him but been hurt so many times I try to always do the best for other when I'm with my man I am with him heat,mind and sole I give my self to my partner 100% and only my partner as he is my hole life and always we'll be till the end of my day's.

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im single,never married..been tired of failed relationships and feed by heartaches and pains..i dont want to be hurt not here to play games or just to looking for a serious relationships,a man that i can share memories and cherish ourselves.fulfilled our happiness and real love that we can shown for the both.i guess age doesnt matter,cause age is just a number.

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