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I love to laugh, at life and myself. Physically, I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve always been in good shape.I love to talk and share dreams. Communication is key. Watch the sun rise and set. Wonder at the stars at night. I believe that for a love relationship to work, you both must think of the other person more than yourself.A physical relationship is important to me. I love to cuddle, be close, kiss, and be intimate. An arm around my waist, a kiss, a hug, holding me tight, holding hands, makes me feel loved physically. Being intimate, is the icing on the cake ….. but seriously let’s get it straight! You make love……with your heart. That's what counts.I am hoping i find that other half of me here.I am looking for a long-term partner; someone to share my life with and someone who wants to share their life with me. I'm looking for that one special man who just wants to be happy and laugh together, who wants to love and be loved, who gets me and I get him, who's learned from the past and let it go and ready to enjoy life together. I'm spiritually and physically healthy, emotionally available, and financially stable.You and I fuel romance naturally... it's innate, thus we're attracted to a person who is passionate about life! Together we play, have fun/laugh, share, partner with and love/grow as one. Joy, laughter, romance, affection, passion, optimism, trust, loyalty, seamless open communication with the ability to look in each other's eyes from across a crowded room and know exactly what the other is thinking...when you have all of THAT you know you have.
I am new here ,I am a very honest, loving and understanding man, I have so much love inside me to share with the right partner for me, I am looking for that special man that will feel in the spaces between my fingers.I like surprising you as one of the ways to show you that I care. I’m very romantic. I’m very gentle.I respect and listen to people.I will take care of you in every way.

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