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Darius medford

Looking for a Man between 35 and 99 years, and to contact me you must be between 50 and 99 years old

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I am a devoted friend.. I'm excited to see new places, meet new people and do new things. I'm not a fighter and I don't argue, life's too short but I do value friendship and intimacy. Respect is one of the most important requisites in a relationship, as are honesty and commitment. I enjoy going out to dinner, movies, walks, and quiet times. I love nature, enjoy learning, and have a deep respect and love for children. I'm fascinated with the world and different cultures and would enjoy learning more about them... I love to laugh and like being around people with a good sense of humor. I also appreciate people who are different and even quirky They're usually interesting

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I want to meet someone who is kind and enjoyable to be with. I know love takes time and am in no hurry. I have the rest of my life, that should be enough time. He would have to be a man of integrity, honest, confident, kind and with a sense of humor. Needless to say an intelligent man who is able to converse on several subjects without getting into passionate arguments all the time. very affectionate, easy going, understands, trustworthy, family oriented and supportive. she should be fun-loving and love to laugh I have been through a hardship time in a relationship

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