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I am from the United Kingdom, 20 years of age as you may see on my profile, but my face will not tell you the truth, as I look much younger, well, there are several things I could say about that reason. But allow me to speak on my own gracious and relevant self being. My name is Velius Cosmic Affectus, and I shall not divulge too much, only explain that my mind is not as so many within the world, as I stand rare, or costly to stand at my side. I am not single, but I do enjoy "Friendship", though, friendship is not how I would put. Many people love me for what I do for them, I can help many as my words are as deep as an ocean, and because I am grand, I stand tall in all of what I do, to ensure my standard is above many. As I strive within the world, God shall remain my only judge. To reach me, should i be away. my contact messenger: trueemogod Instagram: veliusaffectus ooVoo: veliusaffectus contact : velius.emotion

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Friendship and only. Any seeking relationship will be dismissed.