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Looking for a Man between 36 and 99 years, and to contact me you must have a picture and be in the same country as me

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I am Dominate. Understanding. Man who knows. How. To love. And. Has a plan for. Life. With another. Strong. Minded. Man one who can love. Hard. As. He work s. And. Be loved. Just. As hard. One. Who not. Only knows. How. To spell monogamous but the meaning. Of the word. Yet. Isn t afraid. To glance across the room and. Notice. Another person yet. Doesn't t feel type need to flirt or cheat. Basically just want an old fashioned guy who is. Loving. caring honest. And loyal ?I'm Interested in someone special who understand the meaning of love and can comfort my heart desire abundantly someone with a great virtue to accept me at all course while I ain't difficult am a good listener precisely if I said I love nor like you' you got to believe me because I don't go for looks nor shadows.I am here personally wanted to find that special someone to call my partner someday so please you got to be serious before hitting on me....Thank you all

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