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Hi Kennedy Coleman here am 26 versatile gay from Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA. muscular 5.10 ft tall, 74kg, 35w, smooth body, black eyes ,black hair , good looking and straight acting. i have a discreet - ual life and i hope anyone respect that. I am attracted to mature minded guys 45years and above but that is not a must. handsome good looking guys with big - s and belly turns me on but am more concern of a guys inner personality than the outer look, am a good kisser and i expect that from my man too,which means i dont need a man who smokes but rather needs someone with good breath and who will actually turn me on with his smells and smiles.
Am mixed Canadian and Americain. I completed college in 2014 and had a degree with honors in Database Administration. So i decided to further my education for a masters degree certificate but because i wasn't able to finance myself, i had to apply for a scholarship with an international organization and God being so good to me i had the scholarship and was posted to South Africa to further my education. I will be here for a year to study then after i will get back to my motherland to get myself a job which will help me finance myself for the time being then later further my education for a PHD. But first i want to find myself a soulmate. When i say a soulmate,i need someone i can call my lover for the rest of my life, someone i can call my own, someone i can care for , someone who will be there for me whenever i need him and i will also be there for, all i need now is a true lover. A True lover who will love me unconditionally. But before then we cant just start as lovers, we have to be the best of friends in other to know each other well, then after that, in every good relationship there must be a strog bond of trust amongst two people so before we can be true lovers, we need to build the trust and by that will really and surely tell if we really want to be together. That is all i can say for now and that is why am on here to find real and true love thanks for reading my profile and i hope to hear from you. Have a nice time and take care of your self hugs from Ken.

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