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I am just a man who grew up when you could not be gay. Well, I am gay, and so I have
no instructions to follow. I am doing the best I can
I'm a guy who loves having fun, very open minded and discrete. Good looks, fit and healthy, Into body fitness and the gym.
I have a heart of gold that trusts completely and gives unconditionally to the right person who's looking for good friendship first with strong possibility of ltr.

I believe in trying most things at least twice so you give them the chance.
Very - ual and passionate, a hopeless romantic who still believes in the possibilities of a long term relationship, tends to be attracted to older American and European Daddy's......but not carved in stone, certainly open to other possibilities, very much interested in meeting someone real, honest, fun and down to earth like myself ( hate flakes and liars ).I will never solve the world 's problems, not even in my own world but It is better to light a candle then to curse the darkness! Do you not agree?
I know I can make you happy! We all have challenges to deal with in life. These are not DEAD ENDS but rather OPPORTUNITIES for us to continue to live and love and enjoy all and and everything to the fullest, despite what ever obstacle we face. Agreed?
There's joy in sharing ups and downs with a monogamous partner. The only kind of triad I'm interested in, is me, you, & us. Keeping our own identity and sharing some common ground.
I hope and pray, we will be a perfect match and come to live together and happily ever after!!!
I do not normally respond to winks. At least say hello.

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I said it all on my profile text.
Thank you

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