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I like summer, - weather, and the sun light. I like to spend my free time outside, wandering in the park, watching nature. This season is good for me to work out with my friends I like to do yoga and go in for sport. But in winter I become a bookworm and if it's cold outside I would like to stay at home with a good book and cup of - tea or coffee. I like theater and good cinematography.
One and the most important quality of my character is a desire to help people. I like animals a lot too. I'm trying to help them. I am an active participant in the fund for homeless animals. Many people do not share it nowadays, and do not realize that the more you feel good about the world and people, the more you'll be happy

I am - guy. I want to find my love. I am a heard working person I work as Engineering in computer science and I like my job. It makes me independent and free. But I would like to find my man to support me and to protect me. I am full of energy and I am ready for new adventures in my life. Have a lot of friends and always in the center of the company. I am a good storyteller and I like to tell jokes. You won't be bored with me. I am an educated and broadminded person. There is a passion in my heart and I would like to share it with my beloved.

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One thing I know for sure - I want a reliable and strong man with feelings, the man whom I will admire, it does not matter - the working day or the holidays. The one with whom I'm going to feel safe and who inspires confidence in the future. I believe in truth, passion, mutual understanding between two loving hearts, respect and support each other regardless of any cir - stances. This is my point of view on the ideal relationship, but if my man will have slightly different opinion, I listen to it with great pleasure, and I will do everything possible to make us happy.

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