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I am 6'2 210 lbs looking for a younger man with a career. I am vers. I enjoy camping I enjoy nice evenings I do not drink, or smoke. I am not into the bar scene, and if I find the love of my life here I will dump this app. I am a INFJ on the Myer Briggs personality test. I love dogs, and cats too, and I like gardening.

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Looking for guys 25-40 I want a career minded young man. I want a man who is gentle, and kind. I do not smoke, and drink rarely. I am not into the bar scene. I enjoy spending the holidays with family. I have no children.

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I am on antidepressant meds. Without them I cry continously. I work lots of hours with UPS.

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I was raised in Church. My whole family goes to church every Sunday

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I am planning to retire when I am 65

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I am a really nice guy. I don't feel my age. Instead I
Look forward to each day as a chance to improve,
and recover

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