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Looking for a Man between 35 and 65 years

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Man looking for men. Ultimately looking for a man who can hold and be held,be strong and accept strength, love and be loved, be close and yet respect the personal sphere of others. In a word, I seek a strong, virile, gentle, mature man, good natured and kind, with a well kept body. Age preferably between 35-65. Languages, German/English.

I am looking for a self-sufficient, strong, kind man who will help, respect and trust me in any situations. I want that my man to be reliable person with whom I will feel safety, love and support. I am looking for honest and decent in a relationship man who I can trust and be sure in him. I am very cheerful person and I prefer that my man has a good sense of humor. I see him like a person who loves children and has a big heart.