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I am a 30yr old male from New York,I was born and raised in Liberia,I came back to the USA to complete high school and college.My parents lived and worked in Liberia before I was born.I am a college drop out.I have never been attracted to girls since I was a boy and I have always loved to see some - .I am a christian and a catholic for that matter.I love to cook and I am a good one for that matter.I love video games and tennis,I love hairy men too.................................please ask me to fill the rest out.

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I am looking for a mature top daddy type guy. I prefer men who are over 40, so plesae do not contact me if you are younger. Some one who is willing to train a bottom who has little experience. I am a total bottom and very oral. I like to kiss, and will - , - and of coarse be your bottom. I have never been with more than one daddy at a time but am interested in being a bottom for a group of daddies. I will wear panties if that's is what he likes. Am interested in light bondage as a submissive.I need one who is ready for a relationship that will last.

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