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Well, my name is Bernie.

I am an English man in Greece at the moment. I have just come back from six years in Egypt. I am an Egyptologist and was doing research into Pharaonic history and local culture. I wrote for several magazine.

Prior to living in Egypt, I spent seven years here in Mykonos, Greece. It is not where I want to live and I want to relocate to another country.

I am single and have been since 2003 when my sixteen-year relationship came to an end. I have been on this site for about three weeks. Hoping to meet someone that is seeking a relationship.

I have many interests, mostly Egyptology, Cosmology, Science, History and computers. My taste in music is mainly Classical and easy going. I like the Arts.

I have visited: Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France, Spain, Monaco, Tunisia, and Egypt

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I would like to meet guys from anywhere/

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I believe in anyone having there own religion, as long as there is respect for each other.

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Became an Egyptologist

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Learn new cultures