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My dear...I'm around 5' 11',with a 33' waist and weigh about 75kg.I'm disease free with black short hair and two lovely black eyes,sexually i like almost everything two men can do to show their love and affection for each other.When two men know and respects each other well, - might be heavenly.Hope you agree with me?Am a guy who dont judge so age,color,religion etc does not matter to me because its whats in the heart that counts and with that im searching for a long term relationship with a man who like touching,kissing, - ing,massaging and a good sense of humor.When it comes to my interest I enjoy going to the beach,swimmming,listening to music,watching movies,cartoons,reading,hanging out with my friends and alot more to share with you.I drink non-alcoholic drinks only and dont smoke.Am free from all kinds of diseases since i take good care of myself and dont play around..

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Im looking for my souls mate,someone who is exciting and adventurous,has great sense of humor and enjoys making me laugh,someone who is so glad to share,so glad to help and give,someone who i can share my thoughts with and who will make me feel special and brings out the best in me.someone who tries to understand me even when they havent got a clue.someone that would be ready to give so much of himself and can dddo anything,go anywhere,and sacrifice anything he has for the sake of LOVE.i want the king of relationship that could lead to marriage Tip

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